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A Green Gift Guide

Below are some products to help you and yours be a little bit more eco-friendly in the new year. But don’t forget that giving can take many forms, and gifts do not have to come in the form of material goods. If you’re short on time to get an item, or just want to go […]

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It’s Time to Reflect – And Celebrate Your Wins!

Have you noticed a recent slew of 50th anniversary celebrations within the environmental world? In the early seventies, public outcry following environmental crises, including the burning of the Cuyahoga River, an oil spill off of Santa Barbara, wildlife losses from pesticides, and more led to broad (and yes, even bipartisan) collaboration on the establishment of […]

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Buffer Banter

The air has that unmistakable crisp chill and leaves are starting to fall from the trees. October is here again, but this year, the Chesapeake Conservation Landscaping Council has turned it into a month for building awareness about riparian buffers. What are riparian buffers and why should they get their own month? We’re so glad […]

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What Are Your Goals?

As Lewis Carroll’s Cheshire Cat quipped, “if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.” Cooper, a member of the Green Fin Studio family, often repeats this line too – when he isn’t napping on the job. Corporate America has long embraced strategic planning for organizational development, communication and marketing goals, […]

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We’re Hiring: Environmental Communication Specialist

New job alert! We are pleased to announce that we are hiring a full-time Environmental Communication Specialist to join our team. Green Fin Studio is where art meets science. We are a professional marketing and communications firm, addressing social and environmental priorities. We combine technical and scientific expertise with innovative communication and visualization strategies and [...]
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Data Visualization Inspiration!

Green Fin Team member Lauren Huey attended the Data Is Beautiful seminar last month hosted by Information Is Beautiful guru David McCandless to get some tips and tricks for creating infographics and visualizations. This got us talking around the office about what our favorite graphics, maps, or other visualizations are. Tall order given that we […]

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Why Good Science Communication Matters

As someone who barely passed Chemistry, science is hard. Hard to learn, hard to do, and most of all, hard to explain.  But science is important. Now more than ever, considering that mRNA vaccines potentially saved millions of lives. While the importance of scientific research may be pretty obvious, the importance of science communication is […]

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