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Welcome to Green Fin Studio!

Green Fin Studio makes science accessible and understandable. We speak your language because we were founded by scientists who realized the need to bridge gaps between science and broader understanding. Our team provides marketing, communication, and educational/training services to clients with scientific and environmental messages. In addition to subject matter experts, we have in-house graphic designers, digital media strategists, experienced programmers and creative communicators to help you translate and target your messages.

Green Fin Studio is committed to positive environmental and social impact through our business practices, partnerships, outreach and training, and hiring protocols. Located in a HUB zone in Richmond, Virginia, we actively recruit, train, and mentor diverse students and professionals interested in a career within environmental communications.

We are committed to fostering and maintaining a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture within our office, as well as with our clients and partnerships. This commitment is reflected across our operations, including that all of our staff members are given three paid days per year to volunteer with a community group that supports this collective vision.


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Meet the Staff

Paula Jasinski, President

Paula co-founded Green Fin Studio in 2010 to make science more accessible and relevant to broad audiences. Through working in senior scientific and leadership positions supporting NOAA, EPA, and non profit environmental organizations, she saw a need for professional science communication and ways to more fully integrate science into decision making at all levels. She and her team think strategically and visually, embracing a wide variety of platforms and tools to present information.  

Paula develops innovative collaborative forums, award-winning cultural and natural history tourism programs, highly effective educational and marketing products, and more. When she isn’t working, Paula volunteers with numerous community groups and boards, enjoys hiking, and is planning her next adventurous get-away. 

David Jasinski, Vice President

Dave combines graphic design, serious science credibility, programming chops and a drive to engage others. The results are amazing interpretive graphics, useable and useful tools, killer content, and legions of loyal fans. Dave has a deep understanding of marine and environmental science and an uncanny ability to make complex concepts sound simple. 

When he’s not working, Dave can be found volunteering with community organizations, on his bike, or supporting his favorite Richmond restaurants and breweries. 

Michelle Park, Digital Marketing Specialist

Michelle began working with Green Fin Studio in 2014. She is a trusted digital marketing expert, supporting clients in strategic marketing plans, media buys, and managing multiple campaigns. Michelle loves to develop advanced targeting tactics on Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other platforms, including email.  Her MBA from the College of William & Mary trains her to see marketing in the context of the larger business strategy. Whether our clients need an overall strategy or managing specific digital tactics, Michelle delivers proven results.

Michele Drostin, Outreach Specialist

Michele’s skills include environmental education, watershed management, and running collaborative processes. She has experience in working with a wide variety of stakeholders, from farmers, poultry growers, academic researchers, environmental regulators, landowners, fishermen, and more. Michele helps supports stakeholder engagement for the Delmarva Land and Litter Collaborative, a project that Green Fin Studio has the pleasure of coordinating.

Daniel Haedge, Web Developer

Daniel is a full stack web developer with over 13 years of experience.  He enjoys creating dynamic, fully functional websites and web apps from initial concepts and designs.  Daniel focuses on building stable, efficient solutions using the best proven internet technologies.  Daniel graduated from the United States Air Force Academy and fulfilled his service commitment as a Communications Officer.

Shirley Chu, Communications Specialist

Shirley joined Green Fin Studio in 2019 after gaining experience with the Consortium for Ocean Leadership, Virginia Sea Grant, and University of Miami’s Rosentiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. She combines serious scientific understanding with keen communication skills to help our clients better connect with target audiences across multiple media platforms.


Lauren Huey, Communications Specialist

Headshot of Lauren Huey

Lauren is driven by her background in hard science and a passion for elegant explanations, whether verbal, written or visual. After finishing her master’s thesis on oyster disease dynamics at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, she led brand development and strategic communications for the Institute for Biohealth Innovation at George Mason University. She employs her singular attention to detail, technical skills, and creativity to develop effective communications strategies and products for a more scientifically literate world.

Emma Rodgers, Graphic Designer

Emma is an experienced graphic designer with a focus on sustainability and world heritage preservation who helps bring our visions to life. She enjoys the storytelling aspect of design and how it helps to illustrate the significance of intricate environmental concepts.

Emma earned her BA in Design in 2016 and is currently earning her master’s in Museum Studies from Harvard University Extension School in order to develop and expand the role that intuitive design plays in the environmental mitigation of global heritage and culture.

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