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We connect technology to storytelling to engage your stakeholders. From STEM/STEAM/STREAM curricula development, to professional training modules, to market research to gain insight on your audiences, Green Fin Studio provides the tools to connect with your audience and make sure your information has a broader impact.

Curricula Development

Developing in-school and professional training curricula necessitates a thorough understanding of standards, requirements, and Learning Management System applications. Our clients rely on us to bring these skills to their projects, along with the latest technology, knowledge of educational trends, and a creative approach. Our team includes educational professionals, graphic designers, content developers, programmers, photographers and videographers, and voice-over actors to deliver exceptionally high-quality curricula.

GIS Analysis and Story Maps

Sometimes the best way to tell stories is through visual, engaging maps. We have lots of experience using GIS to give your audience the lay of the land.

Audience Research

The first and arguably most crucial step to developing any communications plan is knowing who you’re talking to. Green Fin Studio can help choose, research, and reach out to your key audiences.

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