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Our Process

We’ve been working with nonprofit, academic, government, and private industry organizations for more than a decade. Through this experience, we’ve honed an easy and adaptable process for our clients.


Let’s get started! We’ll get to know each other, by phone, video, or in person. We’ll get some answers from you about what you do, why you do it, any challenges you face and how you define success. Once we know where you want to go, we’ll offer solutions to get you there, frame out the scope and get rolling!



Design & Development
We head back to the studio and get busy working for you. You’ll be fully engaged because we provide a transparent process that includes your review and feedback along the way.





Final Delivery
We manage every project to be on time, on target, and exceed your expectations!


communications iconCommunications Package
We’ll start by reviewing your needs and finding the right approach. Whether you need help with developing branded content, new publications, a communications strategy, media management, or an upcoming event, our team is ready to deliver.

map iconStoryMaps and Other Spatial Products
Leverage the power of spatial data to tell stories, explain concepts and put users in the driver’s seat.

school iconData in Classrooms
Connect data and storylines to state and federal teaching standards through curriculum plans and custom educational products.

training iconTraining Workshops
We offer hands-on workshops to provide specific skills for your team. These include half to full-day group courses that include active learning sessions where participants leave with their own products.

  • The psychology of science communication
  • Communicating science through storytelling
  • Tools and approaches to visualize data
  • Using social marketing to change behaviors

We customize our training program to meet your specific needs.

Let's Get Started!

First, Dave Jasinski gets major props for managing my “I-wear-too-many-hats-and-have-too-much-to-do” non-profit brain with the right blend of patience and persistence. He also efficiently produced a GIS analysis to direct our land conservation efforts and followed that up with several outreach materials. Dave and Paula took time to understand my organization’s goals, assets, and constraints and to help us develop a strategy to tell the right story to the right audience with the available time and money. I now have a clear list of priority geographies; an attractive, graphic-rich outreach brochure; three fun fact- filled watershed profiles; and a beautiful online StoryMap that integrates interactive maps with photographs, landowner client testimonials, and sleek, informative graphics.  – Emily Warner, Potomac Conservancy

Thanks to Green Fin Studio for creating fantastic communications resources for us! The experience was great and we appreciate their ability to integrate our unique, collaborative approach with environmental messaging. – Allyson Gibson, Lancaster Clean Water Partners

I could not be happier to write a recommendation for an innovator and leader such as Paula Jasinski. She is a trailblazing advocate for Professional Science Communications and crosses boundaries to work with all constituents. She is contributing to the conversation of research impact in a truly meaningful way while telling the compelling story of research. Her work and that of Green Fin Studios will advance research and the public’s understanding and need for it. – Anne Pascucci, Dir. Research Development, Christopher Newport University

Paula and Dave Jasinski of Green Fin Studio both have post-graduate degrees in environmental science (with focus on estuarine and marine sciences) and have been working for well over a decade in developing more effective means to foster science communications, not only among scientists but also with citizens and the public. The Chesapeake Research Consortium has been working with Paula and Dave for well over a decade and continue to appreciate their expert help with our web page and with our newsletter, including assistance with story development as well as publication and dissemination. They have been excellent partners who are easy to work with and highly professional in their approach.- Dr. Bill Ball, Director, Chesapeake Research Consortium

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