More and more schools and teachers are interested in incorporating science communication into their curricula. For good reason. Whether students will pursue a career in the sciences or not, making sense of science is important for both the messenger and the audience.

Our team at Green Fin Studio works with teachers from middle school through undergraduate and graduate schools to lead science communication workshops and informative presentations.

Science communication can be incorporated into a variety of curricula, whether they are STEM, STEAM or STREAM. We really enjoy the interactivity of being in classrooms and running through exercises and Q&A with students and teachers. But, if we can’t get to your classroom in person, here are a few tips that we’ve compiled on ways you can incorporate science communication.

5 Ways to Bring Science Communication Into Your Classroom

The suggested exercises can work for a wide range of age groups. Just vary the specific activity to fit the age and educational focus of the target groups.