Speaking of the Environment: What Your Science Classes Didn’t Teach You About Effective Communication, written by our principals, Paula Jasinski and Dave Jasinski, is a guidebook to help connect science and environmental needs with winning communication strategies.

Throughout this book, readers will learn tips and tricks to:

  • listen to diverse perspectives to understand what audiences value
  • inform outreach strategies
  • minimize jargon to avoid losing audiences
  • incorporate storytelling to engage audiences and
  • create “sticky” messages combat the misinformation epidemic
  • visualize data and information, and much more.

Hard copy and digital versions are available through Amazon

What readers are saying:

“Clear, concise, and relatable. Share this with anyone you know doing sustainability work.”

Linda Manning

“Fantastic book. It’s filled with helpful techniques, relevant stories and step by step instructions on how to get your message across to the masses. …  I present regularly, and Speaking Of the Environment will be my new go-to reference when crafting my talk!”