In 2019, the Chesapeake Bay Program asked Green Fin Studio to help bridge a gap in their communications – they needed to reach local leaders, whose decisions within their jurisdictions are crucial to the health of local waterways and the Chesapeake Bay as a whole. Our work began with a review of hundreds of environmental source documents to connect the Chesapeake Bay Program’s goals and research to four local priorities: economic development, infrastructure resiliency, public health, and education. Using that framework, we were able to communicate in a way that emphasized mutually beneficial outcomes and resonated with our audience. We developed video, graphics, written content, lists of resources for further learning, and actionable next steps focused on eleven different themes through self-led educational modules hosted on the Protect Local Waterways website.

We’ve also developed an online, interactive version of one of the modules as a proof of concept. You can take a look at that version here.

In 2024, Protect Local Waterways won gold in the Community Voice Award in Sustainability, Environment & Climate, Public Service by Anthem Awards. View the award here.