The Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC) contracted Green Fin Studio to assist with climate change communications and outreach. PEC worked in collaboration with Albemarle County, Sobis, Inc, and Resilient Virginia to develop a Climate Vulnerability and Risk Assessment for Albemarle County. The Assessment is a 200 page technical document and PEC was aware that it would be difficult to engage with municipal leaders and the general public about the important findings contained within it.

We developed a suite of communications products in support of PEC’s engagement efforts. We started with a public friendly, overview document that, using graphics and easy to understand text, explained the most important findings from the Assessment. We also produced seven videos, featuring interviews with Albemarle stakeholders explaining ongoing and expected impacts to the County from climate change. These videos, the overview document, and the Assessment can all be viewed on PEC’s Albemarle Climate Action webpage. We then developed a StoryMap which serves as an interactive and immersive version of the overview document.