Our Chesapeake Bay Ecosystem Atlas – An Interactive Guide to Chesapeake Bay has been downloaded a little over 5,000 times. That means that more than 5,000 readers, from middle/high school students to graduate students to the interested public, are using this regionally-specific resource to connect directly with data and programs from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

We worked closely with NOAA, University of Maryland, and other scientists to make their research accessible and fun through custom content, interactive graphics, videos, and maps. Want to know how annual rainfall impacts water quality? Scroll through the interactive maps and graphics in Chapter 2. Why are cold snaps during winters now so dangerous for speckled trout? Head directly to page 89. If you want to explore possible careers in NOAA, check out the career profiles throughout the Atlas.

Join the crowd and head over to the Apple iTunes Bookstore to download your own FREE copy. Two versions are available: a student/public edition, and a Teacher’s Edition that includes detailed curricula guides with suggested discussion questions (and suggested answers), hands-on activities, field trips, related online materials, and more.