Citizen scientists taking water quality data. We are happy to announce the launch of the Chesapeake Data Explorer! This is an online resource that we designed to support an expanding network of volunteer monitoring groups located throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed. It was developed to house and display the water quality data collected by the more than 500 of these groups. It will eventually hold hundreds of thousands of data records on the health of the Chesapeake Bay. This effort is being lead by the Chesapeake Monitoring Cooperative.

But it is so much more than a data upload tool! Monitoring group leaders can manage their volunteers, the water quality parameters that are measured, and the locations where they are sampled.  Data that is uploaded to the Data Explorer will be periodically transferred to the Chesapeake Bay Program where it will be used by EPA to assess the health of the Chesapeake Bay. Interested in conditions in a particular area? Use the interactive map to explore monitoring locations and graph and download data.