Green Fin Studio is working with the Potomac Conservancy on a multi-faceted project focused on conservation easements in the Potomac River watershed. Conservation easements are legal commitments that a property owner enters that guarantees their property will not be developed in perpetuity. The property owner will generally see tax benefits from this arrangement but for most people who consider placing an easement on their property the appeal is land preservation. They have owned the land for years and hate the thought of it being bulldozed for houses or shopping malls.

Brochure we designed for the Potomac Conservancy.

The Potomac Conservancy has found that while there are many land owners who are potentially great candidates for easements, they are intimidated by the details of these complex arrangements. When meeting with a land owner for the first time, Conservancy representatives have shown up with a stack of explanatory materials.  This can be intimidating and off-putting for the land owner.  We worked with the Conservancy to develop a map-fold brochure that explains the ins and outs of easements, breaks down the steps into an info graphic and even includes a “Success Story” from a land owner who worked with the Conservancy to create an easement for his property.  The brochure is colorful, visual, and an easy read.

Making the complex understandable, that’s what we do!