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When Less Is More

Let’s take a dive into the world of scientific and technical data display and see how we can make the communication of large datasets more understandable for both technical and non-technical audiences. Scientists are trained from the start about the power of large datasets. Generally, the more data you have, the more confidence you have […]

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From Landowner to Conservationist

Green Fin Studio is working with the Potomac Conservancy on a multi-faceted project focused on conservation easements in the Potomac River watershed. Conservation easements are legal commitments that a property owner enters that guarantees their property will not be developed in perpetuity. The property owner will generally see tax benefits from this arrangement but for […]

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Marketing Audit 101

Do you think your current marketing strategy is targeting your audiences in the best way? If you’ve recently brought on new staff, started new programs, or just aren’t getting your point across, it might be time for an audit.  

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Using Image Trace in Adobe Illustrator

Have you ever seen a graphic and wondered how it was made? We design custom graphics in Adobe Illustrator almost every day, and one of our favorite methods of making graphics is using the Image Trace feature in Illustrator. Using this tool, you can turn any photograph into a completely customizable set of vector objects. […]

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