Lancaster County, Pennsylvania is home to some of the most productive farm and pasture land in the United States. This productivity comes at an environmental cost– the county contributes some of the highest levels of nutrients into the Chesapeake Bay. Lancaster County residents are actively working to change that through clear communications and effective strategies.

The recently formed Lancaster Clean Water Partners is taking a truly innovative approach to cleaning up the creeks and streams of Lancaster. Their community based method brings together environmentalists, local policy-makers, and business owners. They recognize that clean water is not only an environmental goal, it also supports the community’s overall quality of life and provides a wide range of economic benefits.

So we are thrilled that this group, working to do so much good, approached us for help in creating their new communication tools and strategies. We worked closely with their team to develop a coordinated suite of communications products that capture their spirit.



Their just launched website serves a resource not only for people interested in learning more about the Lancaster Clean Water Partners but also for the members themselves to use as an information hub. Flying in the face of that old Field of Dreams logic, just because you build it doesn’t mean they’ll come. So before developing the site, we worked very closely with their team to understand their objectives, user needs, desired functionality, and key messages for different audiences.


Strategic communications plan and branding

In keeping with their innovative style, the group wanted a clear communications and branding package to reflect who they are. Our designers created a new logo and brand book to capture the group’s messaging, voice, and tone. Then we developed an annual communications plan that their small staff can follow for a wide range of media platforms.



Even in this digital age, every organization needs a powerful summary document. Our team designed a one-page fact sheet that clearly and visually communicates what Lancaster Clean Water Partners is all about, and how to join the movement.

If your organization needs similar communications support, let’s talk. Green Fin Studio is on a mission to create change-making environmental communications products. Our goal is to help you achieve yours.