Who doesn’t ❤️ a good map? Humans are wired to connect with information tied to geography. Story Maps recognize the power of maps and raise the ante way up. A Story Map combines spatial data with storytelling and other visuals and we can’t stop buzzing about all the ways they can be used for environmental marketing.

The Green Fin Studio team recently completed an outreach and education project on land conservation project for the Potomac Conservancy. Using spatial analysis, we helped them identify thousands of acres in the Potomac River basin that are ideal for conservation easements. 

Their target audiences usually start with a few basic questions: “Why should I consider a conservation easement?” and “What’s involved in establishing one?”

The Potomac Priority Lands” Story Map provides answers to these key questions and more. We embedded video interviews with landowners who have been through the process. It’s very powerful to hear directly from landowners about why they opted for a conservation easement and what it means to them.

This is just one example of how Story Maps can be used to help environmental organizations reach their target audiences and meet goals. If you have a few hours to spare, go look through some of the other Story Maps that ESRI has published.

Contact us to discuss how you might be able to use the platform to tell your story, engage more people, and change behaviors.

Stream health index map of the Potomac watershed