If you want your messages to be heard, they need to stand out. It’s a noisy world out there, so how do you get noticed?

We recently came across a very timely article in Forbes about how organizations can set themselves apart. Their list of eight tips is written for entrepreneurs but most are relevant for almost any organization.

Follow the link above to read the full article, though we highly recommend the following three:


1. Going Green Pays Off

Sustainability is big business today. Consumers and donors want to know what you are doing to protect the environment. Be clear about what your organization is doing to be eco-friendly. Businesses are often looking for environmental organizations to partner with on sustainability planning and development- so think about possible win:win partnerships.


2. Design

Don’t downplay the value of great design. Your message could be lost if you don’t invest in how it is delivered. Your logo, website, infographics, print material, etc. support your overall mission. Professional designers help you put your best foot- or fact sheet- forward and instead of breaking the bank, their input will very likely help you grow. As they say, “Good design doesn’t cost, it pays.”


3. Story

Whew. We could write pages about the power of a good story but in short, storytelling is incredibly important. Good stories bring data to life. They make the impersonal, personal. Embrace the story.

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