Below are some products to help you and yours be a little bit more eco-friendly in the new year. But don’t forget that giving can take many forms, and gifts do not have to come in the form of material goods. If you’re short on time to get an item, or just want to go a different route, consider making a donation to your favorite organization. It’s a great way to give back and support a cause you’re passionate about. 

AllBirds – Are you resolving to get more active in the new year? Pair that with a resolution to do it sustainably by purchasing sustainable activewear! AllBirds shoes are made with the planet in mind using natural and recycled materials. $98-$138


Shampoo Bars – Still trying to find ways to cut down on single use plastic in your life but already have more reusable bags and straws than you know what to do with? Ditch the plastic shampoo bottles next and give shampoo bars a go! $15



Stasher Bags – Still trying to find a good replacement for plastic storage baggies and bulky containers just aren’t cutting it? This holiday season, give the gift of reusable storage bags! Stasher bags come in a variety of sizes and are endlessly versatile. $7.99-21.99


Countertop Herb Garden – Ready to flex your green thumb year round? Try growing a kitchen herb garden! Planters like those from Click and Grow allow you to grow herbs even on dark countertops. A win for both reducing single-use plastic and your cooking. $139.95


Thermal Travel Mug – Starting to venture back out into the world more, but you’ve formed a dependency on having a beverage on you at all times? From chilly morning walks with coffee to hot beach days with ice cold water, Yeti tumblers have you covered. $19.99-$39.99 


CoffeeSock – For all of the coffee lovers out there, ditch the chlorine bleached basket filters for a reusable option! CoffeeSocks come in several different sizes to fit your coffee maker, and are made with organic cotton. $14



Countertop Compost – Looking for ways to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions? Try composting! When food waste enters landfills, it decomposes anaerobically, producing methane gas. However, when we compost, the food is able to decompose aerobically, preventing methane production. An added benefit? You’ll eventually end up with nutrient dense soil. Pretty neat! $29.99


Bird Crash Prevention Film – Do you have problems with birds crashing into the windows of your home? Try SX-BSFAC-02 Frost Bird Safety Film by Solyx! It will reduce the transparency of your windows (thus preventing collisions) while also giving them an etched glass look. $26.52 per running foot