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Holiday Green Giving Guide

1 Winter is for the birds.  Keep your flock happy with this squirrel-resistant feeder. Absolute II Bird Feeder from Duncraft, $90. 2 Reusable metal straws with color coded silicon ends and a cleaning brush. Kleen Kanten straws, Target, $10. 3 Socks for those with science deep within their 'soles'. Set of 5 pairs science socks,, $55. 4 Easily the most beautiful book you can give [...]
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6 Secrets to Writing a Killer Press Release

Press releases are an easy way to broaden your reach and increase awareness around your organization’s work. You can use them to highlight upcoming events, outcomes of recent events, strategic announcements about staffing opportunities or changes, or anything you want your stakeholders to know. Environmental and research organizations don’t always leverage the power of press […]

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New Citizen Science Tool Available!

We are happy to announce the launch of the Chesapeake Data Explorer! This is an online resource that we designed to support an expanding network of volunteer monitoring groups located throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed. It was developed to house and display the water quality data collected by the more than 500 of these groups. […]

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Wetlands Work Launches

How do you connect farmers with the wide range of wetland restoration funding and technical support resources available? How do you provide that information so that it is tailored to each landowner’s location and specific needs? And lastly, how do you present the information so that it actually addresses farmers’ concerns and objectives? These were the […]

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November Reading List

Now that we’re in full-on Pumpkin Spice season, we realize nothing goes better with a hot cuppa than a good book. Unlike the dizzying array of pumpkin spice products available, we’ve compiled a short list of the hot reads, from blogs to novels, that we’re devouring. Grassroots to Global: Broader Impacts of Civil Ecology. This book explores the broad impacts […]

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Our Ecosystem Atlas has 5,000 Downloads!

Our Chesapeake Bay Ecosystem Atlas – An Interactive Guide to Chesapeake Bay has been downloaded a little over 5,000 times. That means that more than 5,000 readers, from middle/high school students to graduate students to the interested public, are using this regionally-specific resource to connect directly with data and programs from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). We worked […]

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Stretching the Idea of Collaboration

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. A poultry grower, a crop farmer, an environmental advocate and a government official walk into a bar….actually, you probably haven’t heard this one because it never happens. Except it did happen this past August when we helped organize a strategic planning retreat for the diverse stakeholder group, Delmarva Land […]

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