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Beyond Earth Day

The first Earth Day in 1970 is typically heralded as the beginning of the modern environmental movement. Senator Gaylord Nelson pulled together a bipartisan coalition to bring attention to the state of our environment. They recruited a young activist, Denis Hayes, and focused on college campuses to harness the passion and energy of young adults […]

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Capturing Your Story

At Green Fin Studio, we speak your language. We were founded by scientists and we are savvy communicators. This combination sets Green Fin Studio apart when science, conservation, and sustainability organizations – like yours – need help telling their stories. Because of our combination of skills, our clients trust us with everything from communicating big, […]

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Developing Local Stewards

Thinking globally and acting locally, Anne Arundel Watershed Stewards Academy (AAWSA) is a Maryland-based nonprofit that trains people on how to improve the water quality in their local communities. These stewards take action to address the problem of storm water pollution and restore local waterways in Anne Arundel County. The Academy has certified over 200 […]

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From Landowner to Conservationist

Green Fin Studio is working with the Potomac Conservancy on a multi-faceted project focused on conservation easements in the Potomac River watershed. Conservation easements are legal commitments that a property owner enters that guarantees their property will not be developed in perpetuity. The property owner will generally see tax benefits from this arrangement but for […]

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